01. Time For Our Little Talks
02. Viva La Pompeii
03. The Man
04. Radioactive in the Dark
05. Let Her Go
06. Carry On
07. Some Nights
08. Keep Me Dreaming
09. Best Day Of My Life
10. Counting Stars
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[Still chinhands]

You’re such a nerd, Al, did you know that?


Tell no one.

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Oh? I remember when I had them.

Didn’t think they had them overseas.

[Chinhands] Does it play a melody I know?

Uh, lemme check—

[Plays it]

You know, I could’ve sworn it was a different one. It did come in a box with a few more in them. I think I tried starting a collection at one point.

I found my old music box!

Damn, I love these things. Though, I always ended up asleep from listening to them.



Maybe. But at least you’re a cute meme!

[rolls her eyes and smiles]

Aw, thank you. You’re sweet.

[pecks his cheek]



No problem,doll.



What is a meme.


… I don’t understand. Is that supposed to be an insult?

Maybe. But at least you’re a cute meme!

You don’t say.

You’re the biggest meme.

What is a meme.


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All of my friends are memes.

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 Not really. Who do you take me for?

[she kind of pouts]

… But if something frightening occurs I can hide my face in your shoulder?

….a Lee Mei.


Sure! I mean that’s fine with me and all. Still, it shouldn’t be too bad, right? Now stay here.

[Just running up the stairs for a moment]

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Anonymous says: Do you have a crush on Lee Mei?


I’m not sure? She’s great and all, but

..maybe I’ll give it time.

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What is this why am I enjoying historical musicals


 It’s written across your face

[gets in and heads straight to the bar]

Tequila, two shots!

[Rolls his eyes—oh.]


Tequila? I’m up for anything! You’re paying, after all.

start watching football or do APUSH work…….


Drinks and hoes, mate. Yeah, that one seems nice. first round on me.

How’d you know I liked soda and farming equipment? HA, puns.

[Opens the door for him]

Sounds good to me!